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Cultural book creation

About any country


Selected for the ERASMUS Grant Internship!

  • Experience required: No
  • Duration: 3 months.
  • Commitment: 4 days week flexible timetable (30 h).
  • Compensation: No financial compensation.
  • Place of the internship: Remote internship.
  • Link:


  1. Who are we?
    My Language Skills is an OSLP (Open Secondary Language Publishing) start-up company that provides a service for teachers.
  2. What do we do?
    We create useful and well organized open tools and materials for the learning of second languages, which are provided through several websites.
  3. How do we do it?
    Through our website, we use a platform to create open educational resources.
  4. Why do we stand out?
    Our open philosophy is based on 5 R’s (retain, reuse, revise, remix, redistribute). This allows our teachers to access to editing tools, with a low level of expertise required, and in a format that is easily editable.
  5. Where are we located?
    Our online platform is accessible from all over the world. The headquarters are located in Valencia, a Mediterranean cosmopolitan city.

Is this you?

  • A fun, creative, very communicative person with:
    • Some professional experience or formal education on Social sciences, History, Humanities, Education…
    • Medium English speaking and writing skills (some knowledge of Spanish is an advantage).
    • A passion for socio-culture and history.
    • Excitement for our vision, our product and our team,
  • Selected for the ERASMUS Grant Internship!


  • Impact: Your ideas are welcome! Creating cultural courses a big thing with us!
  • Learning: You will constantly work directly with the founders and improve your computer skills.
  • Fun: Work hard, play hard! Enjoy a warm winter and a crazy summer with us in Valencia.


The creation of:

  • Cultural content
    (cultural and historical information about your country in your language or any of your second languages)
  • In your mother language or specialized language.

We are searching for Ambassadors

Our passionate community of volunteers

To create Open Educational Resources for Teaching and Learning Second Languages which can be reused, modified, and shared and that provide unconstrained materials for the benefit and the enjoyment of others.

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