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Partnership to Provide Customized Branded Solutions for Language Teachers for Universities, Schools and Academies

Please fill out the following form if you work in a school, language school or university and you are planing to form partnerships with Books4Languages and to use a white labeling open textbook in a course from either the Books4Languages Open Textbook collection.

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    It should be noted that by participating in the Educational Partners program, the partners are not committing to legally binding obligations. It is intended that the partners remain independent of each other and that their collaboration and use of the term ‘partner’ does not constitute the creation of a legal entity, nor authorise the entry into a commitment for or on behalf of each other.    


    In addition to our Terms of Service, check out our Privacy Policy, Educational partners Policy, Teachers Policy, Content-Specific eligibility requirements, and any other agreements which may be incorporated by reference therein.

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    We want to encourage schools to build sustainable and reciprocal partnerships, across at least one of the following areas: Teaching, Curriculum and Targeted activities.

    White labeling is producing the products and services and their further rebranding and advertising under another brand’s name. The aim of it is increasing customer loyalty and trust, saving resources and time necessary for new the new solution development and deployment.