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Lifelong Learning

    Lifelong Learning provides opportunities for enrichment and discovery through a community of learners and instructors. A true Unit/Credit System for modern languages learning by adults.


      Language courses with an integrated foreign languages curriculum and a notional-functional approach. Materials in different languages aligned with the CEFR levels of language competence. Grounded on the system of learning objects, we aim for the courses to be flexible, easily adaptable and focused on developing all the language skills.


        An accessible, user-friendly platform of digital open learning. We bring together the new technology and methodology in order to create an innovative business in the digital education sector by using our 5R philosophy.


          The standardization of the language education system is following the CEFR for Languages guidelines. By creating an Integrated Foreign Languages Curriculum, we unify the different language courses and align the levels of language competence thanks to the Reference Level Descriptors.