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Strategic goals


Retain, reuse, revise, remix and redistribute content.

We create an accessible, user-friendly platform of digital open learning. We bring together the new technology and methodology in order to create an innovative business in the digital education sector by using our 5R philosophy.

Our materials are available on the basis of Open Educational Resources system. That means that the users can engage in 5Rs activities: retain, reuse, revise, remix and redistribute content. We also use the ALMS Framework, which permits our teachers to Access to edit tools, with a Low level of expertise required, and in a format that is Meaningfully editable and easily Self-sourced.

The system, by allowing to arrange different combinations of content, creates a database of courses which gets bigger with every user’s action. My Language Skills strives to build a flexible education platform suitable for the needs of today’s teachers and students. We enable teachers to explore new, more effective ways of teaching.




The definitions for the various terms used to describe the page:

Open educational resources

Freely accessible, openly licensed text, media, and other digital assets that are useful for teaching, learning, and assessing as well as for research purposes

The ALMS Framework

Provides a way to consider how technical choices impact the ability to engage in the 5R activities associated with OER

5Rs are the activities of Open educational resources which consist of:

Retain: Make, own, and control your own copy of the content.
Reuse: Use the content as-is.
Revise: Adapt, adjust, modify, improve, or alter the content.
Remix: Combine the original or revised content with other OER to create something new.
Redistribute: Share your copies of the original.