Strategic Themes

Innovative Education

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Books4Languages offers an innovative, collaborative and cooperative, student-centred environment and provides a system that teachers can personalize the content easily thanks to our modular approach and open licenses.

Outstanding Teaching Experience

The importance of the figure of the teacher and teaching style on the processes of acquiring a new language is vital. We support teachers by giving them access to an array of materials together with the freedom of choice, how to use them to achieve the best results in the classroom. Books4Languages creates wide variety of tools for teachers to use and adapt according to the needs of their students. The resources can be used to create general language courses as well as specialised language courses (medicine, technology) to respond to the demands of specific students. We do it through maximising the teachers’ potential and saving their time. It will be easier and more time-efficient to create a specific lesson by giving teachers more time to focus on personalisation of the session. Thanks to the modular character of our materials, teachers can focus on what the students need and skip what they already know.

Outstanding Student Experience

Books4Languages is able to produce an outstanding experience for the students through the design of the content. Innovative education means personal, customized learning. The opportunity to help every student learn at the best pace and path for them is the most important benefit of this kind of learning. It makes education more productive, because special needs are more quickly diagnosed and addressed. The main idea behind this is to create tools and technology that could provide the exact resources that each individual student needs. This kind of learning has a potential to boost motivation, for example through game-based learning, among other things. We want to produce high quality materials to enhance students’ motivation and persistence. Our resources are relevant and regularly updated which allows the students from all over the world to make the process of learning a second language easier, faster and more effective.




The definitions for the various terms used to describe adoption statistics:


The number of individual instructors who have adopted one or more open textbooks for one or more course sections. A faculty member is only counted once.


Each adoption refers to a course section within a specific term and year for which an open textbook has replaced a primary textbook or educational resource that must be purchased.


The total number of students in a course section within which an open textbook is used as the primary educational resource.