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Basic license

Partnership to Provide Customized Branded Books for Language Teachers for Universities, Schools and Academies

With our white label publishing, your language school can use up to 5 Books4Languages TextBooks with not cost.

Our Basic License allows you to share as long as you follow the license terms: Attribution, Non Commercial & No Derivatives.

You can use this platform to:

  • – Offer your Academy TextBooks to your students.
  • – Rebrand the TextBook as your own.


Are you interested in a Basic license?


By exercising the Licensed Rights (defined below), You accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License (“Public License”).

To the extent this Public License may be interpreted as a contract, You are granted the Licensed Rights in consideration of Your acceptance of these terms and conditions, and the Licensor grants You such rights in consideration of benefits the Licensor receives from making the Licensed Material available under these terms and conditions.

You are free to:

Use & Share — Use, copy and redistribute the material.

More information about the license terms here.


For the avoidance of doubt:

Non-commercial use means that users may not sell, profit from, or commercialize Books4Languages’ materials or works derived from them. That said, we have found that there are certain “grey areas” in interpreting the non-commercial provision of Creative Commons license. The guidelines below are intended to help users determine whether or not their use of Books4Languages’ materials would be permitted under the “non-commercial” restriction. Note that there are additional requirements (attribution and share alike) spelt out in our license.

Commercialization is prohibited. Users may not directly sell or profit from Books4Languages’ materials or from works derived from Books4Languages’ materials.

Example: A commercial education or training business may not offer courses based on Books4Languages’ materials if students pay a fee for those courses and the business intends to profit as a result.

Determination of commercial vs. non-commercial purpose is based on the use, not the user. Materials may be used by individuals, institutions, governments, corporations, or other business whether for-profit or non-profit so long as the use itself is not a commercialization of the materials or a use that is directly intended to generate sales or profit.

Example: A corporation may use Books4Languages’ materials for internal professional development and training purposes.

Incidental charges to recover reasonable reproduction costs may be permitted. Recovery of nominal actual costs for copying small amounts (under 100 copies) of Books4Languages’ content on paper or CDs is allowed for educational purposes so long as there is no profit motive and so long as the intended use of the copies is in compliance with all license terms. Students must be informed that the materials are freely available on the Books4Languages’ site and that their purchase of copied materials is optional.

Example: An institution in a remote area has limited Internet access and limited network infrastructure on campus and a professor offers to create CDs of Books4Languages’ materials relevant to his/her course. The professor may recover the costs of creating the CDs.

Exceptions for education and teaching: