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We hope that the community will be receptive to your idea.

Books4Languages is an Open Second Languages Publishing Company aligned with the CEFR levels of language competence.

Books4Languages mission is the creation of Open Educational Resources for Teaching and Learning Second Languages which can be reused, modified, and shared and that provide unconstrained materials for the benefit and the enjoyment of others.

Thanks to Books4Languages OERs for teaching secondary languages, people all over the world to have access to high-quality education at low cost thanks to the open platform where the content is available to the world and where cooperation, collaboration and student centered enviroment create a base for Education 4.0.

An opportunity to have one’s own materials enhanced by allowing material to be modified by other faculty around the world, it makes the material used in ways never imagined. New sections and chapters can be added and enhanced creating a work stronger than the original. Textbooks have their strengths and weaknesses, OER materials allow faculty members to customize them, adapt them to local languages or specifical purposes and use them as a basis for innovation. OERs provide a wide variety of materials from which to build a class without having to start from scratch.

A true Unit/Credit System for modern languages learning by adults with a system where teachers can personalize the content easily thanks to our modular approach and open licenses.

OERs are not just textbook materials. They can include anything from entire course shells, to syllabi, to assignments, to presentations. OERs help improve education across the globe.

Because choices are also possible between different directions of knowledge and skills according to the specific needs of the learner, we are not able to implement most suggestions directly by email request. Changes to existing TextBooks and new adaptations approval (like new translations for existing texbooks or entirely new texbooks for specifical purposes) come from our community of Ambassadors.

But if you are a Language teacher and you would like to start a new adventure, we are here for you.

Get involved!

Our TextBooks are an ongoing project and will be extended as needed. If you would like to create an open textbook so that it better fits your needs in the classroom and elsewhere, please let us know by using the Open TextBook proposal form.

Please, visit our TextBook-Specific eligibility requirements for more information.