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The term, adaptation, is commonly used to describe the process of making changes to an existing work. Though we can also translate the book in different languages.

Translations of textbooks can help both students and schools in multiple ways.

Textbook translations can help foreign exchange students class who speak different languages to follow along better and learn more in class. Students can then read the translated textbook at home to catch up on any parts of the lesson that they didn’t fully comprehend.

An additional benefit is that parents are in a better position to help their children with their lessons. Since the textbook is in the parent’s native language, the parent will be able to understand the subject matter and guide the child through difficult sections.

And publishers who choose to have their textbooks translated into one or more languages have opened up new markets for their product.

Textbooks translation is a very laborious work cause the translator should understand the linguistics of the target language competently and make adaptation taking into account the cultural features of the countries.

Get involved!

Our TextBooks are an ongoing project and will be extended as needed. If you would like to translate an open textbook so that it better fits your needs in the classroom and elsewhere, please let us know by using the Open TextBook translation form.