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White label publishing

Choosing white label second languages textbooks can have many benefits for your language school.


What is white label publishing?

White label publishing describes a book that does not have branding attached to it. This can include the company name, logo and any other features that connect it to the maker. In most cases, users of white label products then add their own branding to make it their own.

A white label publishing platform lets users upload and share documents without outside branding and advertising. The end result? No mention of Books4Languages or third-party content.

Why should I choose a publishing platform with white label?

There are many good reasons to select a white label publishing platform for your online documents.


First, you remove any distractions from the publication viewer and keep all the focus on your documents. Rather than call attention to tools your business uses, white label provides a discreet solution.


Next, the best white label publishing platforms will allow you to rebrand the document viewer as your own. Why settle for a neutral reading experience when you can take your publications to the next level? Plus, adding your company’s own logo is simple with Books4Languages. It only takes a few clicks to upload and apply a logo to your digital publications.


In fact, the biggest advantage of a white label publishing platform is flexibility. Because the solution is meant to be adapted to your needs, look for tools that enable you to customize your publications. For instance, Books4Languages’s custom theme feature lets you define practically every detail of the viewer, from color and design to languages and more.

How can I publish in white label?

If you’re ready to start publishing your online documents in white label, then it’s time to join Books4Languages. Signing up is free and easy, and you can explore all of the ways that digital publishing on Books4Languages is best in class right away with our BASIC plan.

Go pro

Soon we will offer more professional options like:

  • Your own domain;
  • Your own WebBook theme with school colors;
  • No ads.

What will my publications look like in white label?

Most important of all is how your documents actually look with a white label publishing platform. Here’s an example of a publication in our white labeled viewer on Books4Languages:

Custom Services

(Separate pricing by service.)

In addition to our core publication services, and package prices, Books4Languages offers a menu of specialized services which can be customized to the needs of authors. These Custom Services, available at additional charge, include:

  • WebBook Theme design;
  • Ghost-writing;
  • Editing (Comprehensive developmental editing, Copy-editing, Proofreading, Indexing);
  • Illustration;
  • Interior design;
  • Cover design;
  • eBook creation;
  • School website design;
  • Translation;
  • Other products such as: exercises.

Get involved!

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