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Advance information

Since Books4Languages uses Pressbooks as base technology, this user guide will walk you through everything you can do with Pressbooks. Find answers for common questions you may have while building your books.

NOTE: Some of the functionalities may be different.

Introduction to Pressbooks

I. Manage Your Account

1. How to Publish a Book with Pressbooks

2. 5-Steps to Getting Started on Pressbooks

3. Register for a Pressbooks.com Account

4. Languages

5. Supported Browsers

6. Changing Your Password

II. The Authoring Dashboard

7. Pressbooks Author Dashboard Navigation

8. My Catalog

9. User Profile

10. Upgrade your Pressbooks.com book

11. Organize

12. Book Info

13. Appearance

14. Export

15. Publish

16. Media

17. Users

18. Settings

19. Tools

20. Adding Relevant Metadata for Directory

III. Making Your Book

21. Automatic Pages and Content

22. Copyright Page

23. What is in a Book?

24. Visual & Text Editors

25. Table of Contents: Adding a Second Level

26. Book Covers for Ebooks and Print-on-Demand

27. Parts

28. Chapters

29. Front Matter

30. Back Matter

31. Glossaries

32. Privacy Settings: Global and Chapter-level

33. Delete a Book

34. What Is a Webbook?

IV. Parts and Chapters

35. Chapter Author and Subtitle

36. Numberless Chapters, Invisible Parts, and Customizable Section Labels

37. Collapsible Subsections for Webbook

V. Exports

38. PDF Export & Options

39. Ebook (EPUB + Mobi) Exports

40. Customizing your Exports with Custom Styles

41. How to Copy a Book, Change Your Book’s URL, or Export and Import Pressbooks XML

42. How to Test Your Ebooks

43. Why Your Pressbooks MOBI File Doesn’t Look Nice When You Test on your iPhone or iPad (and Why You Shouldn’t Worry About It!)

44. Theme Lock

45. Export Validation Logs

VI. Getting Your Book Into Pressbooks

46. How to Get Your Book Into Pressbooks

47. Copy & Paste: Tried and True

48. Writing Directly in Pressbooks

49. Import from Word (docx)

50. Import from WordPress

51. The Importance of “Good Markup”

52. Common Formatting Problems in Pressbooks

VII. Special Formatting

53. Internal and External Hyperlinks

54. Typography: Hyphens

55. Paragraphs, Indents, No-indents and Poetry

56. Running Heads & Running Feet (PDF only)

57. Chapter Title Styling

58. Section Breaks, Page Breaks and Blank Pages

59. Typography: Tight and Loose Tracking

60. Left or Right Chapter Openings (for Print/PDF)

61. Custom Page Size (PDF)

62. Widows, Orphans and Bottom Balancing

63. Changing the font-size and line-height in your PDF outputs

64. Changing Page Margins in PDF Exports

65. New Theme Options

66. Adding Dropcaps to Your Book

67. Columns (for PDF)

68. Adding Pullquotes

69. Formatting Ordered Lists

70. Shortcodes

71. Paginated Chapters in a Webbook

VIII. Media

72. Embedded Media & Interactive Content

73. Enabling and Using Lightboxes for Images

74. Media Attributions

75. Adding Images

76. Image Editing

77. Media: Images & Best Practices

78. Supported Media Upload Formats

79. File Size and Storage Limits

IX. Educational Features and Uses

80. Pressbooks Guides and OER Repositories

81. Accessibility & Universal Design

82. Themes for Academic and Educational Texts

83. Creative Commons Licensing

84. Users & Collaborators

85. Comments and Review

86. Book Cloning

87. Source Comparison for Cloned Books

88. H5P Interactive Content

89. Enable and Use Markdown

90. Hypothesis for Webbook Annotation & Comments

91. Making File Exports Available for Download

92. Math in Pressbooks

93. Tables & Textboxes

94. Navigation & Internal Links

95. Footnotes and (Chapter) Endnotes

96. Catalogs

97. Open Educational Resource Repositories and Guides

98. Zotero Citations for Pressbooks Webbooks

99. Common Cartridge Files with Web Links

100. How to Use the Pressbooks Directory

101. How to Opt-out of the Pressbooks Directory

X. Third-Party Distribution

102. Publishing in the Kindle Store

103. Getting Your Book into Kobo

104. Get Your Book into Google and Nook

105. Need Help Publishing Your Ebook?

106. Print-on-Demand with IngramSpark


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