Italian Orthography: C1 Level – Start of the book

Books for Languages offers language courses with an Integrated Foreign Language Curriculum and a notional-functional approach. The materials are aligned with the CEFR levels of language competence. Four components form together a complete language course, split into four distinct books: VocabularyGrammar, Orthography and Culture, each one being available at all CEFR levels. Grounded on the system of Learning Objects, the courses are aimed to be flexible, easily adaptable and focused on developing all language skills.

The book below, Italian Orthography: C1 Level, is one of the four parts of the book series My Italian Skills.

Fully written in Italian, it serves as a base for the adaptation to different mother tongues.

The Books For Languages team of authors and translators is currently developing more content and will be progressively adding new learning materials in the My Italian Skills series.

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