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Quality Standards

Books4Languages is a system for learning/teaching foreign languages offered by MLS.

In terms of content creation, Books4Languages subdivides the language learning process into different components in order to facilitate the personalisation of the course by the teachers: Vocabulary, Grammar, Orthography and Culture course. This way they can choose what content to offer to their students and make it easier for them to develop their own learning paths.

The contents of each book are created separately and follow the different steps described in this guide to guarantee the high quality of the content. The outline of the content general organisation is as follows:

  • Notional component (Vocabulary course):
    • General notions
    • Specific notions
  • Pragmatic-discursive component (integrated within the Vocabulary course):
    • Functions
    • Pragmatic tactics and strategies
    • Discursive genres and textual products
  • Grammatical component:
    • Orthography (Orthography course)
    • Pronunciation and prosody (integrated within the Orthography course)
    • Grammar (Grammar course)
  • Cultural component (Culture course):
    • Cultural references
    • Sociocultural knowledge and behaviour
    • Intercultural attitudes and habilities
  • Learning component:
    • Learning processes

The following pages explain the processes and steps necessary to create a particular book for each of the components in a simple and fast way.

It is fundamental to read this guide before creating a book, more than once, if possible. The creation of a book is a long and demanding task, however, we have designed a system of phases and steps which guarantee a high quality and homogeneity of all the resources. At the beginning of the creation process, in initial phases, the contents don’t have a good form, but it doesn’t matter as the system of phases and steps is designed for the author to follow and learn along the process. The content will begin to have the desired shape while progressing through the phases. At the same time, the author will gain experience and knowledge necessary to finish the course well.

We have designed the system this way because it is impossible to create high quality content from scratch, yet it is easier to keep improving it with every step. Therefore, by enhancing it bit by bit every step, even without realising it, we finalize the content in a professional manner.

An extended Guide (Editors guide) is also available to Ambassadors and Staff written in Spanish and in English.


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