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Instructional design continuation


The examples must be adapted to the Topic’s requirements, but it could be said that, ideally, at levels A, the examples are based on the Form, and at levels B, the examples are based on the Form for each Use.

As the objective is to have content which is integrated into the rest of the materials, what we do here is to head to the vocabulary course and import from the equivalent unit some words that are adapted to our needs.
For example: the vocabulary of the examples from the topics in unit 3.1 of the grammar course are taken from unit 3.1 of the vocabulary course.

In the event that we won’t be able to use the words from the vocabulary course of the unit, we can use the vocabulary of previous or future topics but never of more advanced levels.

For default, the number of examples must be 5. In special cases, it can be of 3 or 7. When we compare singular and plural, masculine and feminine etc., we can put 2 or 4 examples so as to have everything equal. Larger number when it is truly necessary like if we have a defined list, where 1 example for each element of the list is required.

The examples will be as uniform as possible:

  • Option 1 (for verbal tenses):
    • an example of the first/second person singular.
    • an example of the third person singular.
    • an example for the plural forms.
  • Option 2:
    • an example for the singular or masculine form.
    • an example for the plural or feminine form.
    • (an example for the formal/polite form.)
      • We can put the formal/polite form in the Extension section, and add only two examples here.
  • Option 3:
    • an example of the Affirmative.
    • an example of the Negative.
    • an example of the Interrogative.



El objetivo de esta seccion es crear una red de conexiones entre los contenidos de la web. Es importante que un estudiante sea capaz de encontrar contenidos relacionados para poder completar su aprendizaje de una norma gramatica.

La secccion related se divide en 3 partes. Una sobre los contenidos directamente relacionados con esta norma gramatical, otra sobre contenido complementario a este topic y una tercera en donde recopilamos contenidos relacionados de diferentes niveles.

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