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The exercises should be a controlled way to practice a particular grammatical aspect. For example, we focus on grammar rules in an isolated way or we can find quizzes where we combine several topics in an integrated exercise.

Exercises must be created based on a template and titled with the same name of the grammar rule followed by an identification code. Exercises must also be marked with descriptive tags to facilitate later research.


The exercises in this section are created using visual aids to help you memorize words faster and more efficiently. The words are adapted to your language level, and also the number of illustrations in each exercise will gradually increase from A1 to B2. The exercises will surely teach you more words and help enrich your current vocabulary.

To make this system more efficient, it is possible to download the English course exercises and use them in another language through the translation of the words that are the object of study. This way it is not necessary to create the whole exercise from scratch since the creation of images requires a high number of hours.


The exercises in this section will not only test your knowledge, but they will also aid in using the grammar rule correctly in case there are any doubts. The website addresses the most important grammar rules for your language level. The exercises have two parts: form and use:

  • The FORM part offers you the chance to practice, for example, how a tense is formed, or how a certain grammar rule changes the word order in the sentence.
  • The USE part contains questions about the actual use of a grammar rule in a simple true & false structure. There you can test if you truly know how the grammar rule is used in real life.

The exercises integrated into the book are created with the idea that all exercises must be passive. That means that it won’t be possible to write any text, but only to click on buttons or to drag and drop. This way, we have some basic content for each topic in which we can ask about Form and Use jointly. This kind of content is appropriate for every situation, a first contact that does not require a calm and quiet place for its development.

The integrated exercises are complemented by other exercises that will be offered for each of the different aspects of the language separately (exercises only about the Form and only about the Use). This type of exercise is also the one that will be present in the Theme content’s exams, only that in this case we will link all the topics of the Theme to create the exercises (for example, if there is one topic about definite articles and another about indefinite articles, we make one exercise in which we will need to use both grammar rules).



The exercises integrated into the book are created with the idea that all exercises must be passive. That means that in the A levels we will only offer true/false exercises, and in the B levels we will offer multiple or single choice exercises.


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