Acceptable Use Policy

Our Basic and Extended licenses come with a general Acceptable use policy (AUP) Fair Use Policy (FUP). This FUP restricts the offering of single Language schools with over 1 Formative Content for each purpose.

In case you would like to offer more than 1 TextBook for each purpose, like translations of the Formative Content to different languages or profesions, please contact your account manager to discuss a custom offer. We maintain highly competitive pricing models across the board, aiming to accommodate all our different partners and clients with their educational resources at fair rates. Our Formative Content based pricing models can’t be sustained when supporting Formative Content with no concurrency. In case you have doubts or questions regarding the Fair Use Policy, please contact for further information and details regarding the FUP applicable to your license.

Our Extended-license have a maximum single file size of 5MB and a maximum total size of 100 MB to prevent the service from being used as a file transfer facility.

Unlimited pageview

All our unlimited pageview licenses limit the amount of users that can be connected over the Formative Content solution. They are charged at a fixed fee per Formative Content and include a FUP on the unique users* of these Formative Content. In this “unlimited” model of our premium plans, each Level is restricted to have a maximum of 1,5x the number of students of your center in the meta language.

If more Formative Content are added per language, the full collection of Formative Content will be counted as one unlimited pageview license.

*Users are visitors who have initiated one session with your Formative Content within a specified period of time.

Exceeding FUP

In case we would spot some extraordinary traffic/ license usage of some sort, we would contact you to find out what is going on and attempt to find a workable solution for both sides.

In case our systems detected over-usage of the Fair Use Policy, you will be contacted by one of our account managers to upgrade your license to the next license-size which fits your FUP requirements and/or provide you with a custom offer.

If you do not wish to upgrade your license, you can reduce your license-usage by potentially reducing the amount of students use the Formative Content. Not taking action after receiving an upgrade request due to exceeding the FUP may result in account suspension and disruptions of your acces.

We always reserve the right to close down accounts with extraordinary license usage.