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Digital Open Second Languages publishing

Books4Languages project offers Open Educational Resources for learning different second languages centered on the official languages of the EU we also offer other mainstream languages spoken in the world.

Digital Books with: audios, videos, exercises, activities

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Open Educational Resources

Open Education Resources have potential to change the education scene, creating a new, modern way of teaching and learning, with personalised, tailor-made materials and approach. Our 5R philosophy (retain, reuse, revise, remix, redistribute) and OERs (with Creative Commons Licenses) together will provide freedom to access, cutting edge courses that could drive down the cost of university-level education and potentially disrupt the existing models of higher education.

The growing number of open resources available to everybody will force the traditional educational institutions to lower their prices, which can also be done through cooperation with open resources providers, such as Books4Lanuages.


Integrated Foreign Language Curriculum

We propose an Integrated Foreign Language Curriculum where students of different languages share the same objectives and textual samples in target language.

Developed based on a common standard with a functional-notional approach, each chapter has a different theme and each unit has a sub-theme of itself.


Adapted to the school calendar

It is adapted to the school calendar by offering a subdivision of 12 themes per level plus a theme of introduction and revision, all of these allow possible subdivisions (2, 3, 4, 6 parts) for better synchronization with different school calendars and students knowledge.

We follow the recommendations on language policy of the Council of Europe graduate courses at levels CEFR (A1, A1, B1, B2, C1 and C2).


It allows offering e-learning

It allows offering e-learning and b-learning classes and savings of up to 60% compared to traditional teaching.

We adapt the courses according to the language of the students by providing a version of the content in their native language for lower levels (A1-A2).


Based on Learning Objects

Is offered based on Learning Objects (L.O.). Because they are self-contained, accessibility, reutilization and interoperability are possible through the process of development. Such granularity and grouping of the  components allows for the development of Personal Learning Enviroments.

Teaching a minimal learning unit, which is both related to other materials of the course and makes sense when it is independent.

“… Books4Lanuages offers Open Educational Resources (OERs) for teaching secondary languages, which allow people all over the world to have access to high-quality education. Centered on the official languages of the EU we also offer other mainstream languages spoken in the world”




Books4Languages invite instructors who utilize this text to send suggestions, edits, updates, or sections you would like to see added on our suggestion form.

Are you using this book in a class, workshop, or for any other reason? We would love to know! Fill out on our adoption form to help us track how and where our textbooks are being used!

Books4Languages especially encourage instructors who are willing to author “Adaptations” or our books in their areas of expertise to submit them for inclusion in Books4Languages Open TextBooks collection.